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At 7 months Chessie passed her test for Canine Good Citizen on her first try.



I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our sweet Sophie puppy “green camo”.  We call him PJ.  He is six months old now.  We completed basic obedience and are signed up for a couple of other training classes.  He has been a quick study and so training has gone much better than I imagined.  He is a calm and confident and charms people and other dogs he meets.  Our cat even seems to have warmed up to him.  Thank you so much for making it possible for us to have this delightful soul in our lives!



We highly recommend Bowden's Goldens to everyone we meet. From the first visit to picking up Buddy was fantastic. The caring and knowledge from Marie will be with us forever even our veterinarian was impressed. Thank you for letting us belong to the best Golden puppy we have ever owned!



Our Bowden Golden pup, Chessie, has a sweet and gentle disposition and has taken well to obedience training. At 5-months in the picture, her “sit-stay” in class is her favorite. Note her focused attention! She has been a great pup ever since we brought her home.

John and Barbara Davidson



She is just 4 1/2 months old. Nyla is such a good girl!!! She's crate trained, potty trained, doing great on lead and off. People always ask if she's been groomed or brushed. When the answer is no, they compliment as to how beautiful she is...and besides all that, she fills all our days with such love. Bowden's Goldens thank you!!!

Tammy Mitchell Serra



Hi Marie,

I thought I would send you an update on Finley.    She is 12 weeks today and the love of our lives.

After a trek through Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Quebec,  Ontario, Illinois, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington  Finley arrived in Vancouver.  
She comes to work with me every day and my staff adore her.  Lauren and I could not be happier with Finley.  She brings smiles to everyone she meets.

Thank you a million for allowing us to be her family.

Hugs to you all at Bowden.

Patti, John, Lauren and Finley Koenig

Vancouver, BC Canada



Hello Marie,

I'd like to tell you what a wonderful puppy Penny is. Penny has done extremely well with her crate training. She cried for less than 5 minutes the first night and slept until 7:30 am. The next night, she went into the crate all by herself to go to sleep.

Penny's house training is also going well. She figured out that when she does her business outside that she gets a small piece of cheese. She knows to go to the pet gate to go outside. She then does her business. She has also learned to sit in front of the door and wait for me to tell her that it is okay for her to go outside. When she wants to come in, she climbs up the steps, paws the door and sits until I tell her that she can go in.

Penny has such a sweet disposition and is eager to please. She will come and follow me when I call her. She is such a delight. Thanks for raising such a wonderful puppy.

Linda Kenison



Good Morning Marie,

Attached is a photo we just took of "Bailey" and me in our garden.  Bailey was born in your litter of 12 last October. We were truly blessed when you decided that she could go home with us last December.

Bailey is growing into the most beautiful and loving golden retriever we have ever known.  Everywhere we take Bailey people want to meet her and pat her. They always exclaim how beautiful, friendly and calm Bailey is. We always mention that Bailey came from "Bowden's Goldens" and suggest that they go online to visit your website.

Hope all is well with you, your family and all of your precious "Goldens".

Elaine Ingraham

Moose & Daisy

Moose & Daisy Moose & Daisy

Hi Marie!
Just wanted to send a couple pics and let you know how great Daisy is doing. Moose is very protective of her!
I hope you've been able to relax and enjoy your new grandchild!
Thanks for everything!
Laurel & the Mullen family



Thanks a million for allowing us to have one of your pup's. He is the love of our lives and has brought our family together at every waking moment. He's ridiculously good looking and please feel free to use this picture if you wish.



Hi Marie, After almost 10-years it seems you can take the puppy out of the LL Bean Catalogue, but you can't take the LL Bean out of the puppy....
Jake is as beautiful as he was the day we took delivery of him, long ago. You do great work!

Indy Hardcastle

Indy Hardcastle Indy Hardcastle

Daisy Jamison 2013-10


Dear Marie, Daisy is a dream!!!!!!!!  She is kind, loving, sweet, fun, adorable, friendly (people& animal), loving, smart, courageous, mischievous (only sometimes) and really my dog!!!!!!!!!  Thank you sooo much for raising my and our perfect dog.  She is more than I and we ever hoped for.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH Elle (the girl)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Buddy DonahueBuddy Donahue 

Hi Marie, Attached are a few photos of Buddy!  He seems to be taking well to his new home, and the large yard.  As you can see, he loves to go to work with me in my office up over the garage!!  He is a terrific pup.  Is sleeping 6-7 hours straight at night in his own puppy room and is just a joy to have around.  and just loves being outside romping around the yard and going for walks.  Question - what do you recommend for puppy shampoo!! And how frequent is too frequent to bathe the little guy.  Lara has sent me pictures of her Indy, and she is doing great too.  We hope to meet in the spring in Bath and have a play date.  Best, Pat Donahue

Moshup & Murphy

 Moshup Murphy

Marie, Just wanted to send you this picture.  My mom and I went on a family vacation to Martha's Vineyard this past weekend and both brought our dogs for their first trip to the island.  Needless to say, they enjoyed themselves immensely.  They are both doing spectacularly.  Sara Murphy

2013-06 Cooper Anderson

 Cooper Anderson

Marie, Cooper has adjusted beautifully...he sleeps all night in his crate, knows how to sit, loves his toys and follows us everywhere.  Thank you for all your hard work and care!  Cooper thanks you too.  He is a very happy pup!  Thanks so much, Kurt and Janet

Dixie & Duke

Duke & DixieDuke & Dixie

Hi Marie,  The puppies (Dixie & Duke) are doing wonderful.  They have adapted very quickly to their new life.  They love to play with each other & are experimenting with new things everyday.  They now walk nicely on the leash.  They have been to the beach & are completely busy with all the kids in the neighborhood...they constantly have visitors (10AM, 12 and 3PM)!  We love them, and we will cherish them forever.  Dixie is our fearless dog.  Anything goes.  She is the barker, the jumper & she is fast at learning any new command.  She now comes & sits very well.  Duke is the follower.  He is our loving, cuddly dog with a look that melts your heart.  He listens when he wants.  His coloring is just wonderful!  Getting both of them was the best idea we ever had.  They are constantly playing with each other and seeking each other out - it is a pleasure to watch.  I also think it helped a lot in their quick adaptation.  They have made our family whole again.  Thanks for them!  Chantale & Claude


JakJake in 2013

Hi Marie,  I thought I would send you some recent photos of Jake.  He is a great pup, and we love him!  While mischievous at times, he has a great overall temperament.  Thanks again!   Rick Casella


 Bear Varney Bear Varney

Hi Marie, We loved the picture of Star and were very impressed with her LL Bean job.  Wow.  She is beautiful.  Our little guy, Bear looks a lot like her.  He is amazing , and we all love him dearly.  What a great dog--house trained right away, stays in his area in the house and knows his boundaries, plays so well with the kids.  He is so precious and has been the most wonderful addition to our family.   Thanks for this awesome dog, we got much more than we'd even hoped for.  The Varneys 


 Jack the Bear

Hi Marie,  We got Jack from you November 2006.  I came with my son Mike to pick him up.  Thought you would like to see him.  He is a fantastic dog.  Great personality and a great looking dog.  Wish I had time to show him.  Thanks,  Steve, Jill & Mike

Hi Marie,  We are so in love with Holly.  How can we thank you enough for bringing such a beautiful puppy into our lives?  She is smart, loveable, sensitive and an instant friend to everyone she meets.  I bring her into work as she has become a therapy dog to my patients.  They eagerly await her arrival each week and are so excited monitoring her growth.  She is comfortable around the patients, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, never was shy about any hospital equipment, always well mannered (other than licking faces) and seems to understand their fragility.  Hiking in the White Mts. is now one of her favorite sports.  She has such energy and enthusiasm for it.  Just an all around perfect dog for us.  Thanks again Marie.  Someday we may contact you for a second golden.  Your hard work at breeding definitely shows in your dogs.  Have a great day,  Ann & Keith

Thanks Marie.  Kassie is great!!  She met several people yesterday who happened to come by, and everyone gushes about how beautiful and well behaved she is!  She is a sweetie!  We went on a lovely walk down by the harbor last night, and she loved it!  Lots of new smells,      she dipped her paws into the water and then ran away when a little ripple of a wave came! My son was exactly the same way!  I think she will be great for him!  On the way back, he ran and she ran right next to him looking like a true show dog!  She has a nice gait!  We walked around the harbor to the lighthouse and once you get there, there are lots of kids and dogs and other people greeting each other.  I think she had a great time!  Thank you so much!  I am so glad I ran into that lady who had one of your puppies years ago!  And I'm glad I remembered your name after I  lost the paper!!  Thanks again.  And by the way, last but certainly not least, thanks for bringing her up so well!  We definitely appreciate all your hard work and efforts! Laura

Hello All:  Our Stella is an absolute SWEETHEART.  She is loving, playful, and training well.  We just adore her.  She did well on the boat this weekend.  When we headed out, she wanted to nap, so we put her in her crate, and she slept the whole time.  She is also great in the car, which is important because she will be a "traveling" dog.  She has filled a large part of the hole that is left with the loss of our beloved Dickens.  Thank you, Marie for one of God's wonderful creatures.    Just a word from Stella:  "Sailing is tough".    Ginger & Bob

Hi Marie,  We just got back from a trip to Penn.  To break up the ride, we took the ferry from Long Island to CT so Kassie had her first "ferry ride".   She loved it!  She loves everything!  She is not shy anymore.  Oh boy, she attracts a lot of attention wherever we go!  People always gush about how pretty she is.  I have to say we are guilty too!  We met a couple in PA  who want one just like her.  Marie, I was wondering what kind of shampoo you use and how often you would recommend we shampoo her.  Her coat is beautiful.  I've been very good about brushing her , and I love giving her the pedicure!  I bought the dremmel and it is soooo much easier than clipping.  She has very pretty paws!  She is such a good girl.  We love her so much!  Hope you are having a nice summer.  Laura

Hi Marie, I have attached a picture of our puppy - she is growing so fast!  The children decided to name her "Molly".  She is doing very well and is truly a delight.  Thank you, Peggy

Hey Marie, How is everything...Dakota is doing AWESOME..he's such a good boy..HE'S SOOOO BIG...I couldn't show him cause I got him fixed...IWISH I COULD HAVE..he's beautiful.  If you ever breed with his father again, I would be very interested in getting another.  How's Nauti?  I saw her on the LL Bean web site with the little blonde boy.


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